New Oil Purifier Technology for Marine Applications

Date: August 28, 2023

By: Daniel G. Teleoaca – Marine Chief Engineer

Oil purifier is a device that removes water, gas and solid impurities from oil, such as lubricating oil and fuel oil, to improve its quality and extend its service life. Oil purifier is widely used in industrial and marine applications, where oil contamination can cause serious problems for machinery and equipment.

Integrated direct drive GEA marine Separator. Source and credit: GEA

One of the latest developments in oil purifier technology for marine applications is the GEA marine Separator, a centrifugal separator that specializes in the purification of fuel and lube oil on board ships. The GEA marine Separator has an integrated direct drive, which reduces the energy consumption by 9% compared to the predecessor model and results in energy savings of up to 30,000 kWh per year per vessel. The GEA marine Separator also has a longer service interval of 16,000 hours and a simpler service concept that reduces the workload for regular cleaning by 95 percent. Read more about in in HERE.

Another innovative oil purifier technology for marine applications is the Ellingsen Nor Instruments Oil Purifier, which uses a patented technology to remove 100% of free water, emulsions and entrained gases and more than 90% of dissolved water from oil. The Ellingsen Nor Instruments Oil Purifier is designed for predictive hydraulic fluid management, which prevents unplanned downtime and extends the life of hydraulic components. The Ellingsen Nor Instruments Oil Purifier can be used for various types of oil, such as hydraulic oil, gear oil, turbine oil and transformer oil.

High efficient oil purifier for mineral, synthetic and biodegradable oils. Source and credit: Scan Pacific Marine LLC.

Read and learn more about this in HERE.

Oil purifier technology for marine applications is constantly evolving to meet the challenges of harsh environments and stringent regulations. By using advanced oil purifier devices, ship owners and operators can improve the performance and reliability of their engines and equipment, reduce maintenance costs and environmental impact, and enhance safety and efficiency.

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